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NYC Brass players: good tech in the city?

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  • NYC Brass players: good tech in the city?

    I've got a broken solder joint on my Rudi. Usually, I take the train for two hours to go to Dillon, but not for a quick solder. Do you know anyone reliable and quick (and available -- I'm not going to Chuck Whatshisname...) in the city?

    That is, if there are any other NYC brass players on the forum. Maybe a trumpet player or something. Who just built a whispa room in his apartment. I don't know.
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    Any outta-work solder jockey can fix that brassbucket o'urine.

    gett a nad and heat up the joint.

    ( Up O'Queef ) <<< definitely NOT Whispa'd (tm)
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      I'd like to see this answered as well.


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        Damn, should'a just asked this in our place!

        Chuck's got open hours on Tuesdays. In by 10, out by like 4 or 5, sometimes before noon. If you're REAL nice to me, I may even drop it off for you
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          *Gorilla-1x10 (with Depth-Mod)
          *Metalzone - (keeley modified for more gain)
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          *Peavey-Wiggy (autographed by Dweezil Zappa)
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