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Playing a 21+ show under 21?

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  • Playing a 21+ show under 21?

    Anybody know anything about this? Like would they actually ID us, or does nobody care? My band might be getting a few shows booked at bars where most of the shows are 21+, and nobody has asked our age, so any experience with this? Haha thanks.


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    Not sure what the rule is where you are.  Here, there are only supposed to be 21+  in the club after the kitchen/restaurant closes.   Now, you may want to do the gig anyway regardless of what you find out and if ever called out on it, just play stupid.  I supposed that's what I would do.


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      I think the laws differ from state to state and also the "rules" from bar to bar. meaning although you may be able to "work" in a bar at 18 the owner may not want you to.. even if your parent/guardian is with you. 



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        I was playing bars when I was 19. Just be cool about it and you should be ok. I remember one of our 1st gigs, we all come in, these fresh faced kids, into this rough biker bar. The bartender says "you kids can't be in here", and we say "we're the band". He replies "ok, but no drinking". Our one member who was 21 went to the bar and said "give me 5 beers" and the rest is history...

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      When I was a senior in High School in the dark ages, my High School rock band became the house band for the 21+ Owls Club in W.Va. Think we were all 17 years old. Never attempted to drink in the place and I'm very sure that Dave knew how old we were. The club down the street had a drummer who was 14 at the time, who now lives in Texas. He had to have a relative who was at least 21 come with him to perform. (Wonder if he still sings that amazing falsetto? He's writing Christian Country now.) Dave allowed us to leave our equipment in the club and gave us a key so we could rehearse while the club was closed. Played there for most of a year three nights a week. You need to check the local laws. Some places don't prevent you from being in the club, but if you drink underage, you could be killing off the club that gave you a chance.


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        I say it