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Alto PS5HA active speakers


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  • Alto PS5HA active speakers

    Does anybody know anything about these speakers (powered 15" and 1" horn)? What are your experiences with them and how would you rate them for their price?

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    They are OK,

    They are comparable to say..... yamaha, samson, and other lowpriced active speakers.

    what are you using them for 9if you get them)

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      I would be using them for front of house in mostly small to medium sized bars, playing acoustic folk and folk punk with bass/drums/electric guitar. The music's not loud compared to most rock bands. I would probably sometimes have bass, guitar, fiddle, vocals running thought them but probably no drums. Do you know the RMS rating on these speakers.


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        Some general info on the speaker.


        Also the manual:



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          Originally posted by Nick the Lips
          Do you know the RMS rating on these speakers.

          The RMS really doesn't matter with powered speakers. The amp is built in so you have no options for powering them. Doesn't really matter with passives as much as most people think either, as the efficiency of the driver itself dictates how much "rubber hits the road". All you need to know is what SPL it can put out. A word of warning though, this spec is as arbitrary to most budget speaker makers as every other spec they tout.

          But if you need to know a power number - 400W low and 100W high is what they say. Whether that's a RMS, Program, or Peak measurement and what the criteria for measurement was, who knows. Most powered speaker manuals don't specify anything but a number.
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