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Isolation headphones on a budget

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  • Isolation headphones on a budget

    Hey guys , I have to get a pair of isolation headphones for times when we mix in the same room together.

    I looked at some and found this pair, Tell me what you think of these or if you know of something better.


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    Ive got 5 pair of em so I'd give you the the thumbs up on them. They do what they advertise better than any of the others and are pretty rugged.


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        We use the Vic Firth's here in the studio and all the musicians that have used them love them. Superb audio quality, very well built, and they get extremely loud if necessary. Most important they are extremely isolating, even with the loudest of click tracks, never any bleed.


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          Find out if MF friend is selling the current version of those phones.

          They are quite listenable. A little on the mellow side, but that's far preferable to the overly brite sound of most phones (such as the industry standard Sony).

          The isolation is very good except for bass frequencies, which go where ever they want ;-(

          They don't play all that loud. Loud enough for comfortable listening, but not as loud as most folks run their PA.



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            They have great low end response, and will get loud enough to cause permanant hearing damage easily if they are properly powered. Their audio response is very similiar to that of the Sony MDR 7506, a bit bright, but otherwise very high fidelity. Our experience is the HF emphasis helps in clarity around loud sources.

            In 6 years I've never had any isses with the Vics bleeding into tracks, and I've had them painfully loud.


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              Thanks for the replys, The Vic Firths are a lot less than the ones i am looking at .

              Is there a big difference between the two ??


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                Sennheiser HD280's are also very popular, and can be had for $79.99 on newegg.com.


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                  The Sennheisers are nice sounding phones but do not offer the isolation of the Vic or Extreme's.

                  Vic Firth Technical Information:
                  Speaker Type: 50.m/m Dynamic Speaker Mylarcon
                  Magnet: NFB 15x1.5 Four-Hole Style (50u)
                  Sound Pressure Level:110.Db +/- 3dB (1mw at 1kHZ)
                  Rated Input Power: 30.mw
                  Max. Input Power: 100.mw
                  Impedance: 250-ohn +/- 15%
                  Frequency Response: 20HZ - 20kHZ
                  Cord: 12.5 F coil cord with 3.5 stereo plug (1/4" and 1/8" plugs included)
                  Comfort Features: Automatically self-aligning for perfect fit and protection.
                  Broad foam cushions provide maximum comfort.

                  Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones Specifications:

                  Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
                  Drivers: 40mm
                  Impedance: 64 ohms
                  Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW
                  Cord: 9'
                  Plug: stereo 3.5mm with gold-plated 1/4" adapter

                  The Vic's claim 24db of reduction, the Extreme's 28db. Both are excellent at isolating hp audio from mics.


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                    The spec sheet of the HD280's claims "max. 32dB" attenuation. Granted, this doesent mean much, as that much attenuation is probably only at high frequencies, but they do isolate quite well. (Though maybe not as well as some others mentioned in this thread.)


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                      My experience with the HD280's is they have no where near that isolation. They sound very nice, but at high levels for things like click tracks, they can be heard across the room.


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                        Originally posted by where02190
                        My experience with the HD280's is they have no where near that isolation. They sound very nice, but at high levels for things like click tracks, they can be heard across the room.

                        Fair enough. I haven't used the ones you mentioned, so I really can't compare, but they work for my purposes, so I figured I'd throw the name out there.


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                          Have you compared the Vic's to the Extreme's? If so, how do they stack up? I have a pair of the Extreme's and am curious about the Vic's if I needed another set of isolation 'phones.


                          God Bless America!


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                            Both the Vics and the Extremes sound very good and are pretty uch the same quality wise. the Vic's are less expensive, and VF is great about replacing them for free if you have any problems.


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                              Thanks, Nick!
                              God Bless America!