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  • XLR Mic Cable advice

    What do I buy...Mogami, Monster? How much should I pay?

    So, I sing with a small band, and we need a few extra mic cables to run vocals and guitars (from direct boxes) for a festival gig coming up.

    I have a small pile of God knows what kinds of XLR cables. Lead vocals are critical. What should I be running? Do I pay 50 bucks or more for a 20' cable?


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    These would be perfectly adequate:

    A 20 ft cable is $8 before shipping.

    I have never once been in a live sound situation where I felt that the sound quality would be improved by expensive cable. In my view, when it comes to cable, sufficient electricity is either flowing, or it ain't.
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      Do I pay 50 bucks or more for a 20' cable?


      NO! Firstly, do the cables you have now work? If so then why replace them? If you're just die'n to have some bright shiny new mic cables then (other than under extreme esoteric circumstances) what is important IMHO is (in order) durability and flexability. Don't buy the really cheap cables, they just don't last. Aslo don't let some of those supple cables fool you, they can kink up and never be the same. What you look for is cable that has no "twist" memory so that they're easy to wrap and easy to route on stage.


      EWI cables (one of the members here Mark Hellinger sells them). Probably one of the best cable deals around.

      Whirlwind Cables.

      Rapco Cables.

      All good solid cables that will last you a long time and will behave themselves while you have them.

      Brands like Monster are surlely nice but IMHO a waste of money.
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        Don't pay $50 for a 20' cable, but do buy a quality cable.

        As mentioned above, www.audiopile.net has an exceptional reputation on the board and the price/quality of the cables seem unbeatable.

        My own personal preference is Horizon simply because that's what I've been using for longer than I can remember. My favorite mom & pop music store carries Horizon and I get fantastic prices from them: www.ucrestmusic.com. Here's another good online merchant for Horizon: www.gigcables.com

        Horizon cables are made in the USA and come with a lifetime replacement warranty. I'm fairly certain EWI cables are made in Asia (but not China), hence the savings in price. Not sure about the warranty but I'm sure others can fill you in.
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          Buy the better grade cables from Rapco/Horizon/Whirlwind. Their cheapest line is not all that great.
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            Exactly what aged said. Rapco/Whirlwind/Horizon and most CBI is good stuff. I do like Audiopile cable as of late and been buying that. After 3 or 4 years it's maturing well and becoming even more user friendly.

            I also bought a TON of Audiopile 25' cable on clearence with the cheapest ends on it, they have held up very well.

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              I have a small pile of God knows what kinds of XLR cables. Lead vocals are critical. What should I be running? Do I pay 50 bucks or more for a 20' cable?


              Yes, buy them from me. Disregard those Musician's Friend markings.

              IF some bozo didn't elbow to wrist wind your old cables and kink the hell out of them, simply test the electrical connections and CLEAN the cable sheath with a damp (from soapy water) washcloth.

              I prefer cables with real Neutrik ends. I've found Peavey branded cables to be a pretty good bargain, especially in the longer lengths. The $2.99 MF ones are fine for backup use/spares, just break the pin one to shell solder bridge and snug up the screws right away on the switchcraft copy connectors (reverse threaded).



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                You guys just saved me some money and gave serious piece of mind!!!!


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                  Pro-Co makes good cables also and their warranty is hard to beat.


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                    Our local wal mart has 20' rapco mic cables for $9.99. They also carry rapco guitar cables. Until recently we did not have a local music store so I bought several of the rapco cables and have not had any problems.