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Another "Is this a good price?" thread.

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  • Another "Is this a good price?" thread.

    I have an offer to buy an Allen/Heath GL2 mixer (older mixer still in good shape, just got checked out), a QSC RMX 1450 amp (about 5-6 years old, no problems), a pair of Samson Resound RS18S 4ohm subs (1 year old, used once), and a pair of 50' EWI speakon cables (same as subs) for $1000. Too much, a good buy, or about the right price?
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    I don't think an RMX 1450 will bridge down to 2 ohms,and can't say that running it stereo will be enough power for the bottom end.Can't comment on the subs coz I've never had any experience with them.Total package don't sound too bad,but I would consider it as a "start" only.


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      1450s will bridge to 4 ohms total but can be finicky in this mode. I have a 1450 and have done this for subs years ago and it was easy to clip. I've bridged in on mids a few times and it's done well for this app. If the GL2 is in good shape then it's a good deal.
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        I hadn't planned on using the rmx bridged as its output at 4 ohms is 400 per channel, which is the rms rating of the subs. I've heard the rmx driving a pair of Samsons like that, also heard one driving a pair of Peavey sp118s. Plenty of bottom end for modest size clubs (~100 capacity).
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          Sounds like a decent enough deal to me.Looks like a perfect match on the amp/subs question.Good Luck whatever you decide!