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Shure UHF-R issue


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  • Shure UHF-R issue

    Hey everyone
    Im stuck on this one
    I have a few Shure UHF-R (single channel) units

    1 of them has been having this on going problem, till now its been hit or miss but now it seems to doing it all the time
    the Audio output of the receiver sounds like its gone through a hi pass filter it sounds like everything below 5khz has been cut, Ive checked cables, power, mixer, mixer channel, tried different transmitters, Ive also upgraded the firmware using the Wireless workbench software, still no luck
    also, if it helps, the mic output seems lower then normal, ive had to switch it to line, then crank the mic preamp to hear it well

    (haven't tried the TRS output or the headphones output on the unit either, will check soon)

    any ideas??

    Thanks in advance

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    Uh, call Shure?

    I had a ULXP problem (DOA) and was talking with someone that actually knew what they were doing within three minutes.

    Very good experience.


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      Contact Shure. They've got a great service department, if their great tech support can't fix your problem.
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        Could be a bad mic element. Try a different transmitter/mic element with the same receiver and isolate which component is causing the problem first.

        This is more common on lav and some headset elements BTW.
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