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  • Rack clean up/ wiring

    Hey all,

    I run sound at my church and have been getting more outside sound work as well recently. I have packed up the gear 3 times in the last 2 months and it is quickly becoming apparent to me that I need to streamline things in order to not go crazy. Here's a quick rundown of my system.

    Foh: 4 Yorkie ef500p on top of 4 ls800p

    Monitor rack: 4 JBL MP212 running full range from a crest cc2600 and 4000 (got a really good deal on the 4000 even though its overkill)
    2 wireless units

    ewi 16x8 snake, and a salvaged 8ch drum snake I rewired. 24ch total.

    at the desk: mackie tt24 mixer, 4 channels eq for monitors

    I'm running the subs as an aux send but through the first matrix send on the tt24 through the snake to the subs, mono.

    Aux 1-4 out of the mixer are 1/4" only. I use a 1/4" to xlr to go into the eq. out of the eq and into the returns 1-4 on the snake. Return 5 is Left mains, 6 right mains, 7 matirx fed subs, 8 side fills if I bring them through another matrix

    Pretty basic. I guess my real need to some patch bays. I routinely make my own cables and am very good at soldering. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to exactly what kind of bays and where in my system I should put them to make set up more efficient? I tried to find other people's racks, etc to get an idea but couldn't really find anything good (is the search function for the forums gone?) I think I know what I need to do but I value the opinions here before I make a decision. Thanks a lot!
    Looking to sell/ trade:
    Boss GT-8 Multi-effects Processor
    Crate GLX212

    Looking for:
    Line 6 DL-4 Delay
    2x12 cab w/ or w/out greenbacks
    Dunlop Wah

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    You probably mean a patch panel like this
    Since I have active FOH I used XLR's for the active in/out then for my passive monitor system I used Speakon.

    Mark and Liz are great folks to deal with Mark can step you through the process so you can put together a custom path panel to suit your needs.


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      Look at Redco Audio or Parts Express. Both are very good.


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