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AH GLD80 Impressions?


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  • AH GLD80 Impressions?

    I've been using one for a couple weeks on a play I've been working. The demands of this show are such that I'm barely using any of the functionality of this board (I went with it over an analog desk because it was easier for everyone if I didn't have a big rack of outboard eq's for the different mixes), but with the little bit I have used it, my impressions have been... meh.

    Mainly, I'm not crazy about the interface itself. The buttons on the touch screen are small and easy to miss. They're also misaligned (I haven't looked to see if there's a way to re-calibrate it). The buttons on the surface seems to require a little more muscle than they ought to. The tech from the PA provider had to try several times to get some of the buttons to engage. I don't know if these issues are specific to this particular unit or if they're endemic to the entire line.

    Other than that, usage seems pretty straightforward. Anyone else have any hands-on time, and have any thoughts to offer?

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