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Udpdating Line Six Wireless


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  • Udpdating Line Six Wireless

    I installed new firmware in our Line Six wireless gear today, it went great until I got to the first Relay 50 transmitter we bought. It will not boot into update mode. I'm guessing its got an early version of firmware that doesn't provide the update mode. Does anyone have a work around to get the firmware updated if my guess is correct? Or is there an undocumented way to force it into update mode?

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    Unfortunately it requires a JTAG to do it. It has to come back for factory service.

    OTOH it does not have to be updated to work with an update receiver but it can only run in RF1 mode... Which should be the way you are running anyway.
    Don Boomer


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      Thanks for the reply Don. Is there any advantage to sending it back for the update? Why wouldn't we want to use RF2 mode? We have multiple RF2 devices, mostly XDV75's. Also, what's the typical turnaround time if we do send it back?