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Genie lifts-----------how difficult to move?


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  • Genie lifts-----------how difficult to move?

    Sometime this summer I should be in a position to pick up some lifts so I can start flying my mains. I've been looking at the Global Truss ST180's at approx.$2300/pair. After doing a search of Ebay, I see the 16'-18' Genie lifts going used for less. Their specs show them to weigh a bit over 300lbs. Anyone here have any actual experience moving them? I see they're fitted with numerous wheels but that doesn't mean they're easy to move. One advantage I like about them is their capacity is 650lbs, quite a bit more than the GT's. That capacity isn't really needed as my load should be approx. 350lbs. But if they're not too hard to move and can be had for less...................why not?

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    I own two Genie lifts, a 24' personnel lift and an 18' equipment lift.  Both can be loaded and unloaded from a pick up or van by this 63 year old man.

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      Thank you.............exactly what I was hoping for.