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  • Yorky Elite Subwoofer

    I found a pair of Yorkville Elite Subs in my area selling used for a great price. Seller says they're about 5 yrs old, but they look a little older - the jack plate says:

    "Elite Subwoofer 600
    Professional Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System

    Manufactured by: Yorkville Sound, LTD Toronto Canada"

    They have a circuit breaker, XLR in, and 1/4" out jacks on the jack plate.
    Rated for 600W program, 8 ohms.

    And have "elite" across the bottom of the front grill in teal blue.

    They're 2 single driver cabinets - can't be sure from the pic if they're 15's or 18's.

    What can you guys tell me about these? I should be jumping on them for $150/pair, provided that they work, right?

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    $150 for the pair....the cabinets are worth that ($75 each). I'd jump.


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      Hey, now I know what the "ES" stood for in the old naming scheme "Elite Sub-woofer". So the model is likely the ES600. Couldn't find a thing on them, but....

      - The 600 likely refers to the program rating of the driver. That's a decent driver, especially for $75 a box.

      - Being the Elite Series they are almost assuredly "real wood" boxes and likely birch, although some were made with some other wood. As mentioned, even if the drivers are shot it's worth $75 for the unloaded box.
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        Upon further investigation, they may be SW-600. Yorkville has changed the names of their product lines often. If this is the case they could be much older. The SW600 came out in 1985 as part of the original Elite line. 18" RCF driver (L18/851). 50Hz - 100 dB efficiency, 127 max SPL.

        Tough to really know the age though as I don't know how long there were in production and if they were improved upon while carrying the same model name.

        Saw a pair for sale for $600

        Also found a pic

        PA: JBL PRX712, PRX718XLF, RCF 745-A, 522-A, 310A, A&H Qu-16
        Lights: AMDJ Dotz TPAR, Haze Generator, Chauvet GigBAR
        www.nextexitrocks.com | wedding band | Columbus, OH | VIDEO


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          I'm pretty sure I'll be buying them - as long as I can fit them in my car.

          abzurd - I don't think that they're the SW600 model - at least not the one you pictured - the one's I'm considering have a flat (not trapezoidal) front grille and have "elite" printed across the bottom of the grill in big, obnoxious lettering - I'd actually prefer the tasteful little badge shown in your pic, but it's not really an issue. For $150/pair, they could be covered in pink polka dots and it would be fine with me.


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            That sounds like an even better deal than the 2 EV 1810 subs I bought off c-list last spring for $200!

            If you've got the space to for 'em, Jump at $150/pair!!
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              Well, the Yorkville LS608

              600 Watt 18" Sub

              Reg - $549

              From AudioEast new.

              I think that price is Each. So the answer is .... If you could just pick them up and ship them to me, I'll give ya the $150 plus shipping.

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                Hi there sorry to bring up an old thread but i could do with some info on these speakers i picked up today, the pannels just read subwoofer 600, anyone know what these would be worth and the rms? 

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