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70-Volt PA system question

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  • 70-Volt PA system question

    We are doing an install for our fire department (I'm on the department itself)...one of our members has an old Dukane wall-mounted PA system from the former Emergency Management office, which has 70v outputs and 8 ohm outputs.  Right now, there are two PA horns hooked to an older scanner (which I believe has an amplified output) that we use for paging out on calls...we are wanting to tie the scanner in to the Dukane amplifier, and not only use the 8 ohm outputs for the PA horns (or 4 ohm depending on horn rating) also use the 70 volt to power 3-4 in-ceiling loudspeakers in the TV room, offices, and training room.  Would it be possible, or can you only do one or the other?

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    Does the back of the amp have discrete outputs, or is a jumper setup where you have to select one set or the other?

    IM(limited)E, if you can't use both at once, this type of gear will either make it difficult, or will print a warning on the back. Solid-State, right? Does it have impedence switches or anything?

    Nothing beats reading the manual though...any chance it's still around?

    As a last resort, you could always stick a transformer in front of the horns and run everything off the 70V line. Or you could tap the scanner's speaker out for a line out, and leave the horns in place, run the line out to the PA amp.
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      First of all, you need to know what you have, and how 70 volt distribution systems work.

      Does the scanner have a line level output that could be used to drive one of the mixer-amp's inputs?

      The horns are most likely 70 volt already, but you need to determine this first.

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    PE has a little how to for begineers.





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      Just enough understanding to be dangerous...