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  • powered mixer "smells"

    Hi guys,

    Someone on another forum was wondering about a "smell" coming from his churchs' powered mixer. They're not running the mixers' internal amps, but rather, they're running from the mixers' line-outs, into a separate power-amp and speakers.


    The description of the "smell" is vague, but it's all I've got. Does the mixers' internal amps need some sort of a load? The mixer btw, is a Behringer PMP1000.

    This guy says he spoke to some people at Behringer, and got two different answers. One said that it "MAY" need some sort of "draw" (his words), and the other rep said, "Nah, it's probably just going bad".

    How's that for "support"?

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    nope, no load needed.

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      A decent designed amp will not blow without a load on it.

      Would it not be ridiculus for Bhngr to design a powered mixer that requires a load on it so you cant just use

      the low level outputs only?

      I saw nothing in the user manual about a caution or danger or your amp will explode with no load

      on the amplifier outputs.

      I am assuming they have the unit well ventilated and not blocking airflow.   Preferably sitting on a hard

      surface and not in a road case on foam or carpet.



      • Bobby1Note
        Bobby1Note commented
        Editing a comment

        Apparently, the mixers' fan is working OK, and it's not clogged with dust. I presume they must have a short somewhere inside, because the OP now says "it stunk up the place",,, meaning his church I presume. Oddly, he said nothing about smoke,,,, just a bad smell. Now, he did state that the smell during the church-service, and that the mixer had been on for roughly 3 1/2 hours. In his words "working fine now, but it stinks". Failing power-supply maybe? Or a disintegrating plastic bushing in the fan?


        Their mixer is only two years old.

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      Same type of thing happened to me using an external power amp with a mackie 808. Burnt the mains EQ somehow. Must have been a bad trace. Either way, I'd have someone take a look at it.