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  • Worth it to upgrade?

    My current pa has been fine for acoustic music. I used mackie passives, old c300's. Basically non powered 450's. and I use an 808s powered mixer.

    So, for whatever the reason(G.A.S. I assume) I really would like to try the prx line, or some k12's. I have no way of demoing any powered speakers here, so it's really just a shot in the dark. I don't plan on expanding to rock band status either.

    So for what I need them for, and need being a loose term. What can I realistically expect from a new set of powered mains in this range. I don't need to be blasting heads off people with them, so volume wise I'm still currently fine for where I play. I guess I want to know how much difference I will notice in terms of quality of sound for my application.

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      The active crossovers and bi-amplification/limiters built into the powered speakers should allow them to get louder with less distortion. I have only used the powered SRM350/450's and they would have benefited from ample EQing that I did not have at the time.

       The sound quality at low volumes might not be great enough to justify a upgrade. especially  If  your old Mackies have the good RCF drivers in them.

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        I would hold on to my money if what you have is working for you. The C300 are pretty light and sound ok for what they cost. If your powered mixer doesn't have any problems, I would keep using it till it dies also.