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  • Audix Microphones/Wireless Mic Heads

    Need some opinions.  I'm tossed up between the Line6 XD-V75 and the Audix RAD360 UHF analog wireless system, which my dealer prefers over the 2.4GHz digital XD-V75...now the question is, which Audix OM head would work best for the price?  I've used OM5's once before and they worked great, just not sure if I should look higher for good quality or if the OM3/OM5 will suffice.

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    If you're up for some adventure you can have both .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" /> I use and XD-70V with an Audix OM7 (also have an OM5) head. You need an adapter from Rat Sound and a spring out of a ballpoint pen. 

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      Why does your dealer prefer the Audix? Can he articulate a reason or is this a sales angle? I have 4 of the V55's, great sounding units.I believe the V75 offers modeling of the OM5? What frequency band does the Audix operate in?