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  • Digital wireless mic advice please

    Hi all,

    I am new to the forum so please be gentle.

    I will soon be upgrading my mic and have narrowed it down to either a Line 6 XD-V75 or Sony DWZ-M50. Although I like the idea of the line 6 mic modelling, especially as it includes my own AE4100 capsule, I have read a few reviews questioning the build quality of the hand held. One guy even stated that he snapped a mic clean in half after changing batteries !!. However I believe the Sony is an all metal construction. Does anyone have any advice on these 2 systems especially in regards to sound quality of the standard capsules, build quality and any signal drop out issues? Just to let you know, I only really do small to medium venues with audiences around 50-150 (quantity not age), so its not like I am hundreds of feet away in a stadium........"I wish"

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated




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    Are you set on digital?  If not, Audio Technica's AEW-424a wireless system uses the AT-4100 element and offers exceptional fidelity.

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      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the response. I would love to stay with AT and had considered both the 3000 & 4000 wireless series. The only issue I had was the licence costs in the UK which is currently around

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    I own 2 XD-V70's and like them very much, but will agree the body of the microphone isn't the best thing going. I have a crack in the bottom part of the mic that you unscrew to get to the batteries. It's been there for at least a year now and the mic still works, but I'm surprised by it because I don't over-tighten it and I'm not doing sound for other bands so it's been treated well. FWIW, the receiver is metal.

    I have no experience with the DWZ but looking at the specs the Line 6 has better dynamic range, although I'm not you'd be able to tell in the real world. Also, I see that the Sony can accept other capsules too, but it looks like maybe only Sony capsules. If that's the case I'm not sure how valuable that feature really is.

    You probably can't go wrong either way, but with the modeling and more robust capsules selection, makes gives the Line 6 the edge in features. If this is for personal use I'd probably go with Line 6. If you're running sound for other bands thus loaning it out, maybe a metal mic would be better... I dunno.

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      Hi thanks for the response.

      Yeah, your experience on cracking is similar to a lot of comments I found which is what made me a bit nervous. I go out as a solo singer and also as part of a duo pretty much every weekend. I look after my gear very well and am a bit anal about everything being in padded cases or flight cases. Although I fully appreciate that mics are a very personal choice, I've used Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Beyer, AKG and Audix in the past and if I'm totally honest, there wasn't that much decernable difference btween them for my voice. Well, not that a bit of EQ tweaking on the mixer couldn't put right anyway. I will probably have an afternoon with my suppliers and just shut myself away with both mics and make a choice. I do still like the idea of the metal mic housing on the Sony though.

      Thanks for your comments................Mark