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  1. Hi Craig, I am a solo singer from the UK performing at small to medium venues between 50 & 150 people generally. I had been looking at a new wirelsss mic recently and was initially looking at the Audio technica 3000 series as it uses the same capsule as my Artist Elite 4100 cable mic. However, since the digital switch over in the UK, it became apparent that I would be better off looking at digital rather than analogue. The first mic I looked at was the Line 6 XD-V75 but I read mixed reviews with regards to build quality. One guy even complained that he had snapped the mic clean in half after fitting new batteries. I did however like the idead of the mic modelling line 6 uses especially as it included my AE4100 capsule. It was only about a month ago that a guy at my local music shop told me about the Sony DWZ-M50 that you have reviewed here. Although I have very little experience of Sony mics other than from seeing them used in TV broadcasting, I really like the look of this mic especially as I believe it is an all metal construction. As you have experience of both mics, would you favour one over the other in terms of sound reproduction and build quality? Sorry this is a bit of a lenghty question but if I am going to shell out the money, I might as well get the best advice. Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards..............Mark
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