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    So this weekend I got to work backstage and monitors for a show using an RCF/dB rig, 4 HDL20a's over 4 S30's a side (little overkill on the low end) with DM 15's on the floor.  Killer sounding system, the sound was extremely smooth out front, plenty loud for the venue, and the subs had plenty of low end to them (and they were barely running to be honest) and the DM15's are great monitors for what they are (actually the dealer I've worked with before has them and he loves them as well), my question is that I'm getting ready to do a major upgrade, and I'm going to be purchasing a similar rig (HDL20a over S30's) to use for my larger stuff (plus cross-rent with the company I worked for) but I've been looking at the RCF NX coax monitors.  Have a dealer with some NX-12SMA's that he can get me for an awesome deal, and I've heard nothing but good things on them, but I'm wondering if it's worth going up to the 15SMA's instead, or if there's not going to be a huge jump to the 15's for my large stuff (mostly local with occasional regional/national acts)

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    Did you mean to post this to the live sound forum?

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      Lift pick points are above the sub row, amp racks live at this level too. Base steel at the bottom is much heavier than top steel, and the line array cabinets weigh only 45 lbs each. CG is approx 12" below the pick points, the pockets are tight to limit dynamics, there are substantial outriggers and the lift is heavily counter weighted. This is the kind of lift used to move 20' shipping containers around the ports. Impressive piece of machinery.
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        Wow... I had thought the lift picks were way higher than that. Of course, the pic is now gone after the update.

        I've always been impressed with some of that kind of machinery. Trackos can move some serious mass.