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My Daughter's First Gig

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  • My Daughter's First Gig

    This was one of the proudest moments of my life. She played to about 250 tonight and nailed it. She's been playing guitar for about 6 weeks- apparently she learned on youtube. I guess she couldn't find an instructor.  


    Just Darrell Web Site

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    Link doesn't work Darrell.



    • Potts
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      Thanks Pal! I'm going to have to toss it up on youtube. I thought I could link it to facebook but it's not going to happen I guess.

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    WOW! She has no fear! Sat there, grabbed the guitar cable, plugged it in and went for it!!! Incredible!
    Things to note that will make her a hit...she never took her eyes off the audience once, except on the guitar part with no singing! I mean...6 weeks into playing and she did not even look at the frets...oh...and no music stand! Awesome!
    You must be one proud dad!


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      Wow man, she did great! I'm proud of her too! Six weeks? She's a pro, that is just flat out awesome! I think you have yourself a wonderful musician there.


      • MDLMUSIC
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        That was very impressive. She is a natural entertainer. That guitar looked huge on her, but she had no trouble making it sound good. Great voice, too.

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      This is awesome. I'm not even a parent yet, but this is the kind of thing that has me excited to become one. That's your legacy there. I can't see these parent-child things without welling up lately. Never could, but it's intensified now. This is awesome!
      Free prog-related metal from Michigan.



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        Chip off the old block! Congrats Potts!