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  • nice gig this weekend

    Played a nice gig this weekend. Newly re-opened place having a pre-valentine dinner and wine tasting. The owner offered dinner and wine for myself and my buddy in the duo as well as for our wives and $150 for 1 set.
    We played for 2 hours straight after dinner just because we were having such a good time.

    I could stand more of those.


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      Sounds good.  My only Valentine's gig is at an old folks home as a duo.  One hour set, should be a bill each, but no wine or dinner. On the plus side it's an hour max - after that they're done. I think last time we got a bottle of water... if that qualifies as a perk


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        I'm doing a solo instrumental V-day gig at the private club where I have a lock on the brunch gig Sundays. It's 2-2.5 hours, $100-150, some food and wine involved too. I know it's odd to not be more specific about the hours and compensation but 1), they have always treated me fairly in the past and 2), I'm pretty much their bitch.

        Good for the OP that his gig was so enjoyable! That drastically increases the odds that the clientele had a great time, too.