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loopers(Ditto), and vocal processors (VoiceLive Play)

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  • loopers(Ditto), and vocal processors (VoiceLive Play)

    I've just gone through a pedal-binge, some for acoustic, some for electric guitar. While I was at it, I also ordered a T.C. Electronic Ditto, and a VoiceLive Play. (on a whim).

    I guess I'm a bit skeptical, and thinking that these things won't get used much "Live"., especially the looper. Maybe I'm just unaware of the possibilities.

    I've checked out some of you guys' videos, and thought that the guys who used the vocal processors very sparingly, sounded best. Certainly sounded much better than those atrocious product-videos that TC Helicon puts out. (very "masked" voices in most cases).

    Whaddaya thinks? Novelty, or a useful tool if properly tweeked?



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    Absolutely useful. The default settings are at 50%, which is twice what you need. And then on all those dumbass videos they leave the harmonies on while trying to demonstrate the other features. Ugh.

    But yes, I love their products and the Voicelive Play will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.
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    • steve mac
      steve mac commented
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      Of course they have to demonstrate them at levels were they are very obvious, just like a car manufacturer shows a car driving at ridicules speeds, doesn't means that's how you should drive them. The VLP GTX is infinitely adjustable so just dial in what you need.
      Having used one since they first came out, I recently had to do a show without and i felt naked up there without it. Having said that I never use the looper other then during the sound check when I play a few seconds as a loop then go stand in various parts of the room to check levels.
      I also only use about half a dozen customised presets and that includes one that mutes the mike for when I take a break and one that allows the guitar to sound and me to talk without effects. It takes the place of a mixer and any BTs seem to blend really well going through it. If it was stolen I would replace it the next day.
      Naturally your mileage may vary but surely best to give it a good workout at home and see how it feels.
      Cheers Steve