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Comfortable angled rack for working with modules + fx


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  • Comfortable angled rack for working with modules + fx

    I am finding it uncomfortable to work with rack modules and effects units for extended periods of time. I would like to have some sort of angled rack that sits at the proper height for comfortable knob tweaking, menu diving, and parameter tweaking. Does anyone have a suggestion for a rack or small audio desk that has angled rails that place the rack-mounted audio equipment at a comfortable level and/or allows for adjustment of the height and tilt of the rack?

    I have searched around quite a bit and not found many items that fit the bill and cost less that say a few hundred dollars; there are huge multi-functional audio desks available from companies like Argosy and Omnirax that are too expensive and way too large for my little home office/studio. It seems that simple, sturdy, ergonomic solutions for audio modules are not so common. I found this stand after lots of searching around:

    Cheap roll around mixer stand/rack thing

    Does anyone have this and/or know if it is sturdy?

    I have seen many pics of forum members' studios and many who have modules have their units stacked up in racks. How do you guys work on those modules for long periods of time without getting a sore neck, arms, shoulders, etc?

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    personally every time i have been in a situation with large piles of equipment in racks, I have opted to control all of it through midi. might have to reach over every once in a while to hit the write button, but most parameters get controlled either by software or a pc1600. but these were all modules with limited on board control any way, not big knobby monsters. stuff that actually gets touched often stays out of the rack (like the rackable 16 track mixer, it usually sits on the desk). I have dreamt of setting up some big ergonomically angled console full of rack synths/sequencers ala kraftwerk, but my current trend with gear is actually to get rid of most of it.

    most stores carry those adjustable racks though, and they are pretty solid..
    also, there are those smallish 8-10 space angled racks that are meant to sit on top of a desk at about a 75 degree angle that can be switched around to sit at about 30 degrees if your gear is shallow (like most VA's)
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      Have you seen workstation desks with limited rack spaces built-in? I've seen a few with angled rack slots between the desktop space and the video monitor area. They look just dandy for installing a limited number of modules. I'm considering building one. Nothing I can buy will fit my space.
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        Another thing to consider is ergonomics. Even with a slanted rack, you are still bending over for the lower modules. 2 things you can do to improve access.

        1. Set up the rack efficiently so the synths are up top and the midi interface and power amp are at the bottom. My line mixer sits on top of the rack.

        2. If your rack doesn


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          1. Set up the rack efficiently so the synths are up top and the midi interface and power amp are at the bottom. My line mixer sits on top of the rack.

          Geez!! Why didn't I think of that?!?! Seriously. I'm going home now to re-arrange my rack. Screw work...
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            Try to put any racks with tweakable stuff up near eye level within arm's reach - preferably behind your main MIDI controller.

            For a time, this was a nice setup for me along those lines:

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              I have one of these:


              $40 is a good price IMO. I put a heavy power amp on the bottom and a digital mixer on top. This pic has the top angled the wrong way (sort of upside-down).