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Comparing what's not comparable

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  • Comparing what's not comparable

    Last year I made one of my one synth demo tracks:


    This year I tried to recreate it with a different synth using the same drums - from Stylus RMX - and chord structure:


    Any ideas what synths were used?

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    Korg Radias and some kind of softsynth?
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      For it's nearly impossible to guess a softsynth, yes, the first is U-he ACE. Sound programming with ACE took a while, but as always with softsynths, arranging a track is fast.
      With tze second synth it was the other way round. Very fast sound programming, but recording was a little tedious.


      • #4
        So how are you getting on with ACE DocT?

        I like the sound a lot but when I want to dial in a sound from scratch I reach for my Evolver instead. Maybe I'm just too old a geezer to bond with softsynths...four decades of using hardware is hard to brush off
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        • #5
          I'm an old fart too, but tend to use soft synths more and more. I'm just faster with them than with hardware.

          Synth2 was the Moog Voyager XL, btw.


          • #6
            Highly impressive stuff as usual, DocT. You should stop calling them demos.

            I've been struggling at getting my Voyager to play nice with other things, and you've convinced me it's definitely pilot error