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  • software to learn piano and to sight read

    What is the best software for linking your laptop to MIDI keyboard and learning to play piano and sight read?

    Researching this on the net is pretty confusing and there doesn't seem to be an up to date thread on this on the forum. I hope this is an appropriate forum or if not could you please direct me to one?

    I am mostly self taught on keys and have a motif XS7 and Nord Stage EX on keys and lead vocals for a cover band. I am about an intermediate (grade 4 out of 8 in Australian Music Examination Board terms) in terms of formal piano training. I mainly play by ear and fill in gaps with you tube or other internet info re songs I cover in my band.

    I am having piano lessons now with a teacher but there must be an way to improve playing and sight reading with a MIDI keyboard and piano tutor software.

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    try synthesia


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      Thanks for your quick response. Checked it out and it looks pretty awesome and versatile. I have downloaded it. Any other suggestions?


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        I created this software product for learning to sight read: SightReadingMastery. It provides recordings of correct performances rather than a MIDI interface for evaluation, because I've found that most musicians can self-evaluate using their ear given the chance (and that's good for you!).

        You mentioned you're a pianist. There are some free piano exercises at sightreadingmastery.com/piano you can try. (For singers, there is sightreadingmastery.com/sightsinging.)

        Please post here or email me at evan@sightreadingmastery.com if you have questions about it. Thanks for considering my product!


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          You want Home Concert Xtreme. But some day, you'll want my lil app. So far the sheet music has some problems. Check back in a couple months...

          Your teacher will go along with home concert xtreme. Synthesia's sheet music won't yet cut the mustard.

          (at least, as of the time I wrote this/that
          ...Steve (writin' my own piano practice app ala pianohero - http://pianocheetah.com )


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            good question - wish I had an answer. I learned "unplugged", but I'm really interested to hear the opinions.