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Yamaha Disklavier triggering random notes through MIDI...


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  • Yamaha Disklavier triggering random notes through MIDI...

    Hello, this may be a long shot but maybe someone here has experience with these...

    There's a Yamaha Disklavier grand piano where I work that has started to false trigger notes. It's usually hooked through MIDI to a Roland module for strings/pad sounds. Occasionally, it will output a random loud note via MIDI that's not related to what was just played. Not always the same note, but usually in the higher octaves of the piano. I'm wondering if there's some bad switch or sensor that causes this. There's no decent local repair techs and the one we use for tuning certainly can't diagnose it. I've repaired several keyboards with various maladies, but this is a bit pricey for me to start disassembling without knowledge.

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