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  • Stage Piano/controller vs. Synth


    Was wondering if someone could offer a bit of advice. I own a Korg stage piano/controller with 88 weighted keys which I like. However, it does not have some of the many sounds I would like to use to make music with. Would it be better to keep the Korg and purchase sound modules to link to it? Or to sell it and try to buy a more dedicated synth which may or may not have the 88 weighted keys that I like. Keep in mind money is an issue. :-) Don't have too much bread to lay out either way. Your opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    More information would be helpful. Like... Which Korg do you have? What kinds of sounds are you looking for? Is this for gigging, or for stay-at-home use? Roughly what is your budget for improvement?


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      Okay. I have a Korg SG Pro X. I want more sounds to create a soul/gospel/Jazz type music. If I sell the Korg, budget would be about $600. It would be for home use only. Thanks.


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        I'd keep the SG Pro X and find a decent module to augment it. A quick scan of eBay seems to suggest that you might be able to find something like a Motif ES Rack unit in your budget.
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          Quote Originally Posted by Ispin1200s
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          I want more sounds to create a soul/gospel/Jazz type music.

          What sounds in particular are you looking for, that are not in (or not good enough in) your SG Pro X?

          Quote Originally Posted by Ispin1200s
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          If I sell the Korg, budget would be about $600.

          And what's your budget if you keep the Korg?

          Quote Originally Posted by Ispin1200s
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          It would be for home use only.

          Driving computer VSTs from your Korg might be the most cost effective way to get new, high quality sounds.


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            Just a larger variety of sounds to choose from. Budget if I keep the korg is about $200. Thanks.


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              Hey dude, if you're anything like me, you won't be able to live without the full 88 key range and will be kicking yourself if you sell it and only have 5 or 6 octaves (61 or 73/76 keys) to work with simulataneously...I know you're on a budget but I would seriously think about using what you've got as a controller for soft synths in a DAW, or as a controller for hardware synth units (rack or otherwise)...good luck!
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