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Hey guys - Long time no see!!! Quick question re choosing a studio room!!


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  • Hey guys - Long time no see!!! Quick question re choosing a studio room!!

    Hey guys

    Sorry for my absence of late - been quite a hectic time! Looking forward to getting back into the HC KSS community!

    Thought I'd kick off with a question (I also posted this in the recording forum, but thought my mates here might be able to shed a bit of light on things as well )

    Recently moved into a new house and have a choice of 2 rooms for my home studio. Do mostly keyboard recording/production/mixing etc so not much if any acoustic recording.

    Option 1 is a bigger/brighter/nicer space to be in but may not be great acoustically as it has mirrored built-in wardrobes on one wall and glass sliding doors on the opposite. Also a bit closer to the road/road noise.

    Option 2 is a narrower but longer room with no built-ins, a strange pillar of wall in one corner and 2 windows along one side (although it's pretty dark and has an air conditioning compressor below it outside..hmmm)

    Here's a rough diagram of dimensions (not to scale) and a few pics. Let me know your thoughts on which one you'd go for. PS - I'm renting so am limited with how much acoustic treatment I can do.

    Thanks guys!!

    Option 1:

    Option 2:

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    Well Hi there! Welcome back.

    I'd do room #2 and stick your monitors down at the far end. Also, see my somewhat related thread here: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...unds-like-crap
    Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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      Thanks EP

      Yeah - that seems like the sensible choice - even if it's a much smaller ''feeling'' room.

      That tough choice between a physically inspiring space and one that is acoustically more ''correct''...
      -----------------Mike PensiniPiano/Keyboard/Producer/Musical Director/Writertwitter.com/mikepensini | facebook.com/mikepensinimusic | youtube.com/groovatious