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exactly what kind of replacement spreaker for an old Crate keyboard amp?

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  • exactly what kind of replacement spreaker for an old Crate keyboard amp?

    A friend gave me an old Crate keyboard amp that needs a replacement main speaker. I don't know what kindof Crate it is because i don't yet have it. All i know is the speaker that came out of it was an eminence 15 inch. It does have a tweeter.


    So my buddy thinks it was just a standard guitar amp speaker that came out. I do not know if the eminence was original with the amp or not. I do know that the speaker was NOT blown. He took it out and used it elsewhere.

    Since by now you can tell that I know nothing about this, based on the limited info I have given you, what should I put in this amp?


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    What is the impedance of the original speaker?  You need to get that right to preserve the crossover point unless the amp is bi-amped (unlikely).

    Otherwise, any "full range" speaker that can handle the power will probably do the trick, although knowing where it is crossed over would certainly help!

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      Here are some links where you can do some research:

      1) Peavey Scorpion or Black Widow;
      2) Eminence
      3) JBL
      4) Pyle Pro - although I'm not sure they make 15's, might only find 12's.
      5) QSC

      I'd research the Eminence first: http://www.eminence.com/pro-audio/professional-series/?size=15#speakers

      JBL: http://www.jblpro.com/index.html

      Peavey: http://peavey.com/products/speakers/

      QSC: http://qscaudio.com/

      Pyle: http://www.pyleaudio.com/products/DJ-Equipment/Midbass-Midrange-Speakers-Woofers-

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