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new casio synth pik! - namm 0r nom nom nom!


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  • new casio synth pik! - namm 0r nom nom nom!

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    New Casio Privia Stage Piano with knobs on (read some synth and organ stuff)



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      Somethings wrong here...


      Why would Casio make the effort of reducing the amount of sliders? I know, that Casio can be very strict at penny pinching, but I don't think that these sliders are such expensive components, that taking 3 out would make anything else but negative impact on desirability of a gig instrument that is almost certainly going to have an organ modelling.


      But Air sound source for pianos combined with XW-P1's capabilities would certainly make me very happy Casio Man...wait, ahhh **bleep**, theres no step sequencer either! I didn't buy the XW-P1 after all, and I got so excited after seeing that it could be possibly get mixed with Privia next, but now I got worried.

      I am wanting, I am thinking
      To arise and go forth singing,
      Sing my songs and say my sayings,
      Hymns ancestral harmonizing,
      Lore of kindred lyricking.
      In my mouth the words are melting;
      Utterances overflowing
      To my tongue are hurrying,
      Even against my teeth they burst.


      • Bernard
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        Look on the bright side, it appears to accept an 8 track cassett tape on the back above the CASIO logo... :catlol:

      • Mike Martin
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        Casio Man - You might be making a few assumptions, but I don't think you'll be disspointed. 

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      Looks very cool!