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Yamaha s750 Vs Korg PA600


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  • Yamaha s750 Vs Korg PA600

    Aside from the 100 dollar price difference any thoughts?

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    The things Ive noticed besides the 100 dollar price difference was that the yamaha sounds were a slight bit richer and also the capability to use IPAD other than that theyre dead even Im having a tough time making a choice between them atm leaning toward the yamaha


    • Binkeys
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      A lot of people consider the Yamaha to have a more "studio polished" sound and the Korg a better "live" sound, but ultimately, it's all subjective. You really need to sit down with both boards and try to program them, to get a sense for which will work better for you.


      For what it's worth, I have the Korg PA3X and love it.