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  • korg 01w replacement


    Korg 01w, absolutely amazing strings , epic or sorrowful and warm. Sucky rock organs, horrible pianos. Someone wants to buy my 01w for $360.

    Im afraid that, if i sell it, i will miss the sounds which are good.

    Can the yamaha mx49 or roland vr09 match 01w's output quality?

    Or should i just keep it as decoration/collection bcos even i don't perform with it? (weight issues)

    I don't know what i want or what to do

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    I'd say do nothing and keep it.

    The hardware hoarder side of me says never sell equipment. The techno-voodoo side of me says that the sound generation going through the circuits of that particular equipment is, in theory, irreplicable, unless you're happy with "close" or "sort of." The artsy side of me says that "sucky rock organ" and "horrible piano" can be valid artistic choices in the right place and time.

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      I let my 01wfd go, and I miss the strings probably the most. I have a Triton Extreme, but it just doesn't have that raw gritty sound that the 01 had. As limited as the 01 piano was, I think I liked that sound more than the Triton as well. It worked very well in a rock context.


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        Moogsaurus, how do u fill the void of the strings?


        • progfan
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          My 01/W ProX is my "go to" board, and it's not just for the strings and pads. I like it so much, I bought an 01/R Rack when one came up for sale nearby, just to have a back-up sound source, should the keyboard version ever fail on me. So you know how I vote.

          But I do agree, the organs suck.

        • Moogasaur
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          zzzxtreme wrote:
          Moogsaurus, how do u fill the void of the strings?


           I'm sad to say that I never did. At one point, I was considering getting a Nord Electro 2 for the organ and Mellotron string sounds, but the band fizzled before it took off.

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        The MX boards have good sounds but the build quality isn't top notch.

        To the original poster--have you considered the used market? If you like Korg sounds, consider a Triton Extreme or M3.

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