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Yamaha CP5 - any owers?


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  • Yamaha CP5 - any owers?

    I am borrowing a freinds CP5 and I am seriously considering buying one - or maybe the CP50 - whats the difference other than the keybed (didnt dig the CP5 keybed at first but really warming to it - )

    I know the UI is sorta wacky but I can learn it i suppose - the weight is heavy but any other real put offs -

    I was also thinking of the S90XS (whats that UI like good/bad) but I seem to be drawn to the CP - which does have the best EP sounds I have ever heard - the AP sounds are very very good too.

    Opinions please.


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    The differences between the CP5 and CP50 are nicely summed up in the charts at the end of the "CP1/CP5/CP50 Brochure" you can download from http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/keyboards/stagepianos/cp/cp5

    The S90XS would be stronger in its non-piano functions, having the full Motif XS sound set, aftertouch, etc., but the CP5/50 have Yamaha's newer piano technology.


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      I recently purchased the CP50 as I wanted a stage piano with a great action for teaching piano and for the gigs I do each week. I couldn't be happier with it. The piano sounds are excellent and the only real drawback for me is the absence of speakers. It does have quite a variety of sounds, but if you are after loads of top quality synth patches, you might want to look elsewhere.
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        I owned the CP5 for just short of 2 years. Sold it on 5/15/12. I'm actually thinking of buying another after using the Nord Piano and Nord Piano 2 the last few months.

        My reason for originally selling was purely a schlep/portability issue. However I'm so unhappy with the Nords, sound and more so action, I'm considering sucking it up and going back to the CP5. My playing is severely compromised on the Nords I feel.

        At 55 lbs. it's not portable but doable if you don't have any physical issues. Be sure to have a good dolly moving it around.

        The downsides beside weight is the much maligned UI. (more by non-pianist types) I never found it to be much of an issue except at first. I learned it and basically spent more time playing then tweaking.

        It needs to be run in stereo for best results. It doesn't sum to mono as well as the Nords do. Also (more so then other DPs) really needs a pair of good full range speakers. No keyboard amps ! I recently spent some dough on a high end preamp. All of these things go a long way in determining the end result of the sound which also affects the overall player connection to the keyboard.

        The CP50 is a good compromise although you are only losing 10 lbs on the weight. The CP5 has the newer more responsive action imo. As well as a clearer more crisp sound. On the other hand, I wouldn't have reservations gigging with the CP50 at all.

        For someone coming more from a heavy acoustic piano background as opposed to a "band keyboard player " type guy, the CP5 seems to be a #1 choice. For me it's the closest emulation I've found yet...and I've tried them all.

        There's NO comparison between the S90XS APs and the CP5/50. I don't use rhodes all that much, for what I do, but have owned the older S90 and definitely prefer the EPs on the CP5 to that fwiw.

        Again my main gripe was the weight for gigging. If you play mostly at home or in the studio (the CP5 records great too Btw) that obviously would be less an issue.

        Thanks for your input Dave, I read some of your comments on the CP5 on other forums while doing research. Here are some of my points with the CP5 - borrowing one from a freind right now


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          Query from prospective owner.  I'm currently renting this unit and can't seem to figure how to get volume out of the EP sounds (Rhodes, Wurli).  Tapped and wondering if perhaps the samples are simply that low in volume and must be really amped up to get a decent output level.  If so, that would be a big difference than the remainder of the sounds, as there is no need for that degree of amp work for the other sounds.

          Excellent board, but this EP issue is a serious nagging issue with me.

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        Had the Yamaha S90 - LOVED it. Upgraded to S90XS which has probably the worst piano sound I've ever heard. Sold again - and have the CP5 now. This machine has probably the best piano emulation/rhodes I've ever heard. Took a little while to get used to the new type of keyboard action on the CP5, but now I love that too. For a long time, I really wanted a Nord Stage (would have looked great with my electro), but honestly CP5 blows Nord Stage of the stage.... The piano/pads/Rhodes are FLAWLESS.