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Anybody using an Alesis I/O Dock?


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  • Anybody using an Alesis I/O Dock?

    Anybody got any experience with the Alesis I/O dock?  I'd like to integrate my iPad into my gig-rig in order to use some of the software intruments (sound sets / synths, etc.) and am considering the Alesis I/O dock to serve as a docking station/interface.  

    On the surface, it appears that the I/O dock essentially replicates the outputs available on most sound modules (i.e., 5 pin DIN jacks for MIDI In and Out, Stereo 1/4 TRS outputs, etc.)   I'm thinking that setting this atop my Kronos - connecting the MIDI IN and OUTs to my MOTU MidiExpress interface, and the 1/4 TRS outputs to my Samson SM10 Line mixer - will essentially give me another sound module (driven by whatever software I happen to use on the iPad).   

    Anybody with experience with this unit have any comments good or bad?


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    Yes. I use it and love it. The only thing I don't like is Alesis stopped making it.
    I use it with an iPad 2 and Auria. But I don't gig. I think it would be fine for gigging though. I recommend it.
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      I'd consider one if they had a lightning connector.  Like you I am thinking about adding to my live rig.  I've heard the Griffin studio connect is on sale, and while I don't like some things about it (rca outs) it does charge the ipad which is nice.

      My buddy does use an Alesis live and as far as I know it works well.  He does sound fx and uses a few sounds from Garage Band.


    • SpaceNorman
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      Etienne Rambert wrote:

      The only thing I don't like is Alesis stopped making it.

      Is it truly out of production ... or is there simply a hiccup in the supply chain? Most of the big online retailers list it as being out of stock. The Alesis web site hasn't moved it to the list of "legacy" products - but, the "Buy Now" button does not appear (which suggests that it's not available at the moment). Do you know if an official "end of production" announcement has been made?