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Hey Mike Martin! PX 5S question


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  • Hey Mike Martin! PX 5S question

    Will it be available in all black?

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    RetroVintageOld wrote:
    Will it be available in all black?

    If it is, don't buy it. The all black PX3 and PX330 are unnecessarily difficult to operate in sub-optimal light conditions (i.e. on stage). White will be much better. It's not just Casio. Korg and Yamaha have also made black models with black buttons, it's a really terrible design decision.


    • RetroVintageOld
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      So then make the buttons white.   The only thing stoppimg me from buying this board is the color.  White just sticks out too much for me.

      I'm really excited about this board and Casio in general.   Even if this board isn't perfect (no expression pedal) Casio is making strides in the right direction.   If you have ever worked for a large corporation you can appreciate how big of a deal this is.  I can't imagine how much bureaucracy and red tape there must be at a corporation the size of Casio.  But someone or something is making them get out of the consumer electronics comfort zone and take on the pro market.  And that is awesome!

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    No, just this white color scheme for now.

    -Mike Martin
    Casio America, Inc.


    • workstation M.I
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      I am still impressed, to no end, by the CS-80 bit!


      Maybe I can impress *you* , by THIS example from another Casio Product. Try and guess and if you can't, I'll tell you!


      This was composed and executed by *me* so that HC doesn't get the "wrong idea".


      BTW, I looked and waited and searched but I never DID find an "Orchestral Example" of the WK-7500 abilities in same. My example will , hopefully, provide a "touchstone" for future efforts....


      Presonus seemd rather taken with my attempt, however...