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Is there a Trombone midi controller?


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  • Is there a Trombone midi controller?

    Seems like a simple thing to make, basically just a ribbon controller and a wind controller in some fancy housing.  I can't find any online, lots of midi sax's though.  Wonder why no Trombone when it's so simple?

    WTB: Allen & Heath Xone VF-1 Filter

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    SoundwaveLove wrote:

    ...  Wonder why no Trombone when it's so simple?

    It's not impossible there is such a thing. But simple?

    It would be simple if MIDI wasn't tied to the notes of the 12-tone equal tempered scale. For a MIDI output of a trombone gliss of a fourth, it would have to generate the MIDI note values plus appropriate pitch bend material all the way up. And it would have to do so fast enough that the ear couldn't hear that it's discrete steps rather than a single continuous note with rising pitch.

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      Good point.  Perhaps CV would be the way to go on this.

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    maybe this works?




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      I'd wonder if using a pitch-cv converter might do the trick?