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Anyone Tried Waldorf Nave?

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  • Anyone Tried Waldorf Nave?



    Kronos, Fant.G8, PC3X, K2500RS, A6, Q, M3-61, Fant.X7, Motif 8, EX5(x2), V-Synth, K2000(x2), D50, JD800, JD990, JP8080, XP30, MC909, MC505, JX-10, JX-305, TR-707, Juno 1, DR-202, Radias, Triton Pro, Wavest. SR, EMX1, ESX1, ER-1, EA-1, R3, Poly 800, RS7000, FS1R (x2), RM1X, AN200, DX200, QY70, QY100, K5000S, OB-12, Maschine,ASR10,ASR88,ASR-X Pro, EPS,Virus B, Equinox,E-Mu XL-7,MiniAK, Synthstation,X-Station, XioSynth,TG33,Venom,V50,UltraNova,Z1,Spark,Moog LP Stage II, JP8000,Tetra,Supernova 2.

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    When are developers to realize that Android market is 2/3?

    Apple is phased out, kind of.


    • liliththekitten
      liliththekitten commented
      Editing a comment

      Because Android's audio engine,as it is, is **** compared to Apple's. Also I think iOS apps are more profitable, more people are buying paid apps there. And generally, musicians, artists and hipsters are still drawn to Apple products.

      I'm an Android user myself and there are a few apps I enjoy, like Caustic but switching to Apple sometime. Prob just get an iPad and keep my Android phone