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Roland JD800 backup battery replacement

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  • Roland JD800 backup battery replacement

    Will I lose memory if I keep the unit powered up while changing battery?

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    I don't really know (I'd hazard a guess and say probably not but don't quote me) but I don't think I would go poking around a circuit board that was powered up unless it was with a probe/scope to check something. I certainly would not change the battery when it was powered up any more than I would do that in a PC.
    The battery is really just to keep the date/time clock running, it's not really powering anything major, at least in a PC it's not and I suspect most digital kbs are similar.
    I know when I did my Yamaha EX7 I did not lose any settings. I think they are all in non volatile memory.

    Like I say, don't quote me on any of that though.
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      Thanks. I've read that preset will be lost if battery goes dead, or if removed.
      Factory owners manual give no info other than the old stand by "take to authorized service/repair center." My JD800 has never had the battery replaced and i'm starting to worry about data loss.


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        You should be able to export your patches to your computer.
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          Never try to replace a battery with a synth powered up because the risk of damage at another parts AND such boards are not planned to being servied this way.

          Save your paths at the computer or data card and only then, disconnect the power chord and do the process.

          At my blog there's on vĂ­deo of a guy doing a general revision at his JD-800:

          After the process you can just restore the factory patchs or reload from data card or computer.


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            I think the previous poster is right about not trying to replace the battery with the synth powered up. When I had my JD800 I changed the battery once, and it was quite a job opening that thing up. I don't remember whether internal memory is lost during a battery change, but I don't think so. But I had all my sounds stored on ram cards back then, so it wouldn't have been an issue. I would suggest having your data backed up in some way especially if you have a lot of custom programmed sounds like I did.


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              Many batteries on synths are soldered's good to replace the battery holder with a clip battery holder....they have a very strong clip and it will never fall out and it really makes it easier whenever it needs a new one, and it's always touchy getting the battery hot enough to take solder without killing the battery....

              The prongs on the clip battery holder are probably spaced perfectly to get soldered into the board which would be the way to go....make sure polarity is right when doing this....heat is not such an issue when putting in a clip battery holder (within reason).....make sure the tip on your soldering iron is super clean (use a file) for better heat transfer....

              Always backup all data to your computer and test it to make sure it saved correctly....a good way is to slightly change a voice name and that will show you......never try to do work on a board while it's powered can really screw it up......also touch a cold water pipe before doing anything to remove any static charge from your body.....that can screw up micro circuit's easy to find editors / librarians for synths free online....don't pay for one.....if you need one, this is the link where I got mine:


              This link has a zip file with everything from that link except all the manuals and I added a few things (it makes it a lot easier to get what you need):


              I would download it in Firefox or Internet Explorer......Google Chrome is screwed up lately and says files are malicious that are completely fine (I scanned it with Avast Antivirus before uploading it).....the other day Google Chrome told me that files I was downloading from Microsoft were malicious (like Microsoft would do that).....don't believe it......Google Chrome probably says any file with a .zip or .exe file extension is bad to cover their butts.....I always scan anything I download with Avast before unzipping, opening or installing it as a precaution.....I quit using AVG Antivirus quite a long time ago because it wouldn't let me use Zone Alarm (firewall).....originally AVG would allow me to use Zone Alarm, but after a certain version I couldn't anymore.....other than that AVG seemed to work good too.....

              I guess this next link proves my point......I took the EXACT SAME FOLDER and instead of selecting "ZIP' when I zipped it, I selected "RAR" and Google Chrome lets you download it and says nothing bad about it.....

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