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  1. Best keys ever....I believe this is the best keyboard they ever made....powered by USB (it's easy to find AC to USB adapters)....that's all you need for a power cable.....they include a USB cable so you would only need the adapter.....it comes with free downloads for computer based sounds and....IT HAS A MIDI JACK (unlike so many new boards that only have USB).....I use it to control other keyboards & modules so I don't use the sounds you can download....I've played everything and everywhere since 1982 and these keys are my favorite......I would immediately buy another if it was ever stolen.....$400 for keys like these is a steal.....I never liked M Audio before this.....this board is built like a tank !! I'm really glad I gambled on it and it paid off...... Anyone who doesn't buy this is missing out big time !!!!
  2. I wasn't sure about this when I bought it. I went ahead and got it without ever seeing or playing one, and I was immediately very impressed. First of all, it's built like a tank with metal housing and it has a very solid feel. At music stores or with equipment that I've owned or currently own I've played about everything with weighted keys and these keys are better. The keys don't have aftertouch but I don't care because I have other boards that have that. The feel and action is awesome and much better than anything I know of that's out there. On my Yamaha pianos, the action was good at first but then the keys would get noisy and it became really annoying to play them. Even after replacing the keys on my Yamaha keyboards, they would get noisy again after a while.The keys on this are still nice and quiet just like they were on the day it arrived, and the keys always inspire me when I play it. The pitch bend and modulation wheels are lit which helps when it's dark, and they also feel great. I power it with an inexpensive AC to USB adapter and I've never had any problems at all. The slider can be assigned to any MIDI controller number that you need, but I just leave it set for volume because when I play several rackmount synthesizers at once, once I get a good mix, I can turn them all up & down with that slider and the mix stays the same.There is (of course) a sustain pedal jack, a jack that can be used for a soft pedal and there's a volume pedal jack too. It has MIDI out which many keyboards don't have anymore.
  3. My brother had a really nice Guild acoustic....small body and it sounded great....
  4. GoTek Software Disc https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByZai8L5RcEGSmMyWU5UYUR3RGs/view?usp=sharing
  5. I'm not sure if it might be an obscure MIDI message causing the trouble....I'd call Roland....they should be able to figure it out. If you need operational assistance, you can contact Roland's Product Support department at (323) 890-3740. Product Support is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5 pm Pacific Time. Phone support is provided for select Roland and BOSS products purchased in the U.S. only.
  6. These are all of them....no links this time as they just go bad (in a very short time). I attached 2 Word documents that are formatted perfectly for printing (one is regular, and one is for controlling Korgs). A11 = 1 A12 = 2 A13 = 3 A14 = 4 A15 = 5 A16 = 6 A17 = 7 A18 = 8 A21 = 9 A22 = 10 A23 = 11 A24 = 12 A25 = 13 A26 = 14 A27 = 15 A28 = 16 A31 = 17 A32 = 18 A33 = 19 A34 = 20 A35 = 21 A36 = 22 A37 = 23 A38 = 24 A41 = 25 A42 = 26 A43 = 27 A44 = 28 A45 = 29 A46 = 30 A47 = 31 A48 = 32 A51 = 33 A52 = 34 A53 = 35 A54 = 36 A55 = 37 A56 = 38 A57 = 39 A58 = 40 A61 = 41 A62 = 42 A63 = 43 A64 = 44 A65 = 45 A66 = 46 A67 = 47 A68 = 48 A71 = 49 A72 = 50 A73 = 51 A74 = 52 A75 = 53 A76 = 54 A77 = 55 A78 = 56 A81 = 57 A82 = 58 A83 = 59 A84 = 60 A85 = 61 A86 = 62 A87 = 63 A88 = 64 B11 = 65 B12 = 66 B13 = 67 B14 = 68 B15 = 69 B16 = 70 B17 = 71 B18 = 72 B21 = 73 B22 = 74 B23 = 75 B24 = 76 B25 = 77 B26 = 78 B27 = 79 B28 = 80 B31 = 81 B32 = 82 B33 = 83 B34 = 84 B35 = 85 B36 = 86 B37 = 87 B38 = 88 B41 = 89 B42 = 90 B43 = 91 B44 = 92 B45 = 93 B46 = 94 B47 = 95 B48 = 96 B51 = 97 B52 = 98 B53 = 99 B54 = 100 B55 = 101 B56 = 102 B57 = 103 B58 = 104 B61 = 105 B62 = 106 B63 = 107 B64 = 108 B65 = 109 B66 = 110 B67 = 111 B68 = 112 B71 = 113 B72 = 114 B73 = 115 B74 = 116 B75 = 117 B76 = 118 B77 = 119 B78 = 120 B81 = 121 B82 = 122 B83 = 123 B84 = 124 B85 = 125 B86 = 126 B87 = 127 B88 = 128
  7. I see the next step they could possibly take......they could put a connector on the Motif with many pins and a spring loaded cover that would attach to a rackmount jackfield......each channel would be able to take one or two 1/4" instrument plugs for stereo or mono and you would also be able to connect mics with Phantom power available if the mic needed it.....you could also connect instruments through low impedance mic jacks for long cable runs......all the jacks could have spring loaded covers to keep all the contacts clean.....the plug end could have a screw on cap to keep it's contacts clean..... The 8 sliders would be replaced by 16 and you would have the ability to record 16 tracks at once......each track would be able to have it's own effects...... In other words, turn the Motif into a REAL recording studio....not the one track at a time system that it uses now.....they would have to give the Motif more power to be able to do 16 tracks at once without problems.......it's a lot more to process..... If they did put a burner on, the software would need to be really good with jitter correction so you could play normally without reading errors (if you used it like that).....it's actually not that hard to do.....I remember many years ago bouncing CD discmans off a carpeted floor and they wouldn't skip....for burning, they could have it record to an SSD and that could burn to the internal disc when you weren't playing.....no vibration is best for burning.....on SSD you could edit it more and refine it for a better CD...... I am a big fan of having a burner and SSD built in and having a keyboard be a total solution that didn't need any external gear hooked up to be able to do anything.....I don't see a better way to attach a jackfield however.....there is too much there to build it in.....having it be rackmount however would make it portable.....they could add everything a mixing desk has inside the Motif.......I'm sure this would drastically push up the price, but we're talking a major improvement..... Maybe a board like this wouldn't even be a Motif, but something better.......
  8. It makes perfect sense to have a CD burner in a Motif.....the Motif is desgned to be an all-in-one recording studio, but when it comes to finishing your recording to CD (especially if you're using it away from home) then you always have to have external equipment to do this..... A laptop-sized CD burner is tiny and would cover the mixdown & CD burning aspect of the recording process perfectly......no extra gear needed.....then you could make more copies from your master right there or else when you got home again..... They keep putting CD burners in laptops for the same reason.....they work and you don't have to use an external CD burner......
  9. Some days you realize how good things are....today is one of those....if I could change ANYTHING, I wouldn't change a thing.....
  10. ​I like the built in CD burner like the Korg Trinity used to have.....they should add one to the Motif.....but they should make them removable just like on a laptop so if it acts up, it's easy to change.....it also needs a built in hard drive that can download through a USB jack to a thumbdrive.....
  11. You're right....that is a cheesy grin, although it looks like she may have had a bit too much cheese in her life for her own good....
  12. I like that copper colored one....nice....I bet that looks really good under the lights....
  13. There was a VA PLG for the first two series of Motifs but I think you needed a computer to edit it....a Motif rack or Motif rack ES would be an easy way to get it.... http://usa.yamaha.com/products/music-production/plugins/plg150-an/ These provide their own polyphony so installing a second one doubles your polyphony....on keyboard versions they can hold up to 3......the racks can only hold 2.....
  14. http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/forum/Keyboards/acapella-18/31382800-things-that-help-when-beginning-on-keys
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