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Need the GFS 5-way import switch diagram


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  • Need the GFS 5-way import switch diagram

    Hi guys! Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the GFS 5-way switch? I didn't get it with my shipment and the GFS guys seem to be too busy (which I completely understand since christmas is coming).

    This is the switch I am talking about: http://www.guitarfetish.com/Strat-5-Way-Switch-with-Screws-EZ-Diagram_p_704.html


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    Try this: http://www.dancetech.com/article.cfm?threadid=153?=0
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      Alan's link is correct. I just happen to have the diag you need in my hot little hand. Look at the switch with it vertical and connectors pointing to your right. The highest one is the bricge pu connector. Follow that diag from that point.


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        Yours looks like a cake walk,set a multimeter too beep continuity and learn where each position is related to which pickup you desire .
        The contact that beeps on every position is the signal out to the jack plug,it might be the end contact tab on the switch.
        Yep this way you will know for sure,diagrams can have you wire it backwards 50% of the time due to mirror view effect and then a mess to desolder and start over!
        I found to figure these suckers out for myself gives the best result,just be sure to write down what tab to which pup,i fragged a strat switch up using the diagram,i threw it away !
        Im confident i can wire a fender super switch up now with a DMM no fun but i could !