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  • clear coat question

    I'm in the process of building a pedal board and I f'ed up the paint a bit.  I got some silver metallic textured spray paint with a hammered metal finish, but wanted to do a color fade so I also picked up some black spray paint as well to make it black in the middle and fade to silver around the edges.  Figuring that a metallic finish would be pretty shiny, I got glossy black paint to go over it.  I applied the black paint today, and it is way shinier than the silver.  I'm wondering if I get a satin clear coat, will it even out the shine on the finishes so they match, or do I need to sand it down and start over?  Any help would be appreciated!

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    Clear coat will make the silver finish turn gray. The way they get a metallic finish is to mix the metal flakes in with the clear coat. You find this on silver and gold top guitars. The flakes are suspended in the clear coat and dry at different angles as the clear coat dries giving the 3D sparkle effect. When you clear coat over a painted metallic finish the reflection of the metal is diffracted by the clear coat and no longer shines.

    I've never been a fan of painting a pedal board. First, you're dealing with sand and dirt that will scuff up the surface, and keeping it clean sucks.

    I found using amplifier cabinet carpet has a dual benefit. First It hides any dirt that may collect and its easily cleans with a vacuumed. Second you can use velcro strips on the pedals and the pedals stick directly to the carpet securely. Moving pedals around on the board swapping positions or adding new pedals is a non issue. The entire board is capable of having the pedals stick to it so you don't have to use set sticky strips like you would on a painted board nor use screw down anchors.