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Question about Sandpaper.


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  • Question about Sandpaper.

    This may sound like a stupid question, but how vital is it to use precision-graded sandpaper for finishing and wet-sanding? I didn't even know the difference until a couple of days ago. :smileyembarrassed: Anyone have a specific brand/type they prefer for their guitar finishing projects?

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    Allot of my sanding is done with a sanding machine so I just use what is available in the velcro type stick on pads.

    For fine finishing the clear coat, I don't use it. I may use some between coats to remove flaws but the objective is not to get any flaws that need sanding. The last coat is for gloss and if its done right where you thin the coats out as you go, you're dealing with more thinner than clear coat so it goes on like glass. If I did have to use anything I use a pumice powder made for polishing.