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  • Darwinian

    Darwin Award Winners

    Too bad about the victims....
    Still Kickin' cancer's ass....Blue Water Sailors of the Vietnam WarHCGB Trooper #246Psalm 19 SocietyI can't really imagine experiencing the desire for multiple women; one has proven to be taxing enough as it is.Thanks Offy

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    Hello daklander,

    I used to be very fond of a ham called Daklander. Now I eat veggie ham.
    Anyway, never enough Darwin Awards! I remember one about some guy that built himself a helmet and pasted the interior of it with porno! Two little slits to see out of and which eventually failed him miserably. His entire apartment was wallpapered with porno!!! Porno everywhere! Sorry, I can't serve up the details of his eventual demise. Its there somewhere.

    My heart goes out to you,



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      The helmet thingy caught on a lightbulb and he hung himself (or something?!). Be interesting to know who writes these things, maybe we could make one up and try to get it into the annual listings...
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