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My dog is off her food

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  • My dog is off her food

    Actually, my bro's dog, a big Golden, age 7, which I am keeping long term. She gets Purina dry dog food, been eating it for years. We also feed her pieces of meat scraps sometimes. She will eat ANYthing. In fact, she pisses me off. She eats the cat poop. With rocks in it.

    I've never seen a dog that would eat ANYthing like her. She eats grass almost every day, too.

    A few days ago, she threw up. I covered it up to clean it later. Later was too late. She ate it!

    A few days ago, I noticed she was not eating her food. Usually, she jumps up and down when time to eat. Nope. Food left in dish. Then I also remembered that I had opened a new bag of dogfood.

    Last two days, I've been souping up her regular food with pieces of meat scraps and she does eat it. But she won't eat it by itself. Something she has eaten for years.

    Any ideas? She did seem to be a bit weird for a few days but does seem to be normal now. Other than acting even hungrier than normal. She just won't eat her normal food by itself.


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    As a dog lover, I would definitely take her in to the Vet. I believe dogs will eat grass when something is wrong in their stomach.


    It might cost a little money for the appointment, but it *might* be something serious (and it might not). I think your brother would appreciate if you did just in case....I know I would if it was my dog.
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      has she been wormed recently?
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        Depends on the dog. Our last dog was always hungry, even for the same old dry food. Whenever he lost his appetite he went straight to the vet. Sometimes it would be a real problem, sometimes not. I think one needs to be a bit extra careful these days in case your dog got some of that bad food from China.
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          A few days ago, she threw up. I covered it up to clean it later. Later was too late. She ate it!

          she was just trying to save you the trouble of cleaning it up
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