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  • Finally released our CD

    We finally released our all original CD after years playing some of these songs out live. We self-recorded/produced/mixed/mastered the whole thing and even did our own artwork. Some of the songs came out a little muddy sounding, but I felt like we really did a great job over all. I just wanted to share with you guys and ask your opinion on the sound. We've got two tracks up on the website for listening. If you get a chance, check them out and let us know what was good, and what we could improved upon. Keep in mind, we had absolutely ZERO experience doing studio work before we began this project.

    Recorded digitally with Cakewalk Sonar 8.5

    Play/Download "Avalanche" at


    and "Missin' My Woman" here



    Adam SoRelle - 427
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    Hey Adam,

    Welcome... I don`t think I`ve seen you in these parts!

    Listened to Avalanche straight through. If you`re going for the "lo-fi" vibe, then you nailed it. There are many mixing decisions you made that differ than what I would do but if this is what you had in mind, then cool. Congrats on completing your record. I know its a tremendous amount of work that goes into making a record and finally being able to say its done is a great relief and a time to celebrate.