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Are Curvebender still a viable concern?

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  • Are Curvebender still a viable concern?

    I ordered and paid for a second copy of "Recording The Beatles" for a friend. They notified me it was out of stock and due late November. I've sent 3 emails in the meantime requesting an update and complete cyber silence has ensued. Getting a little concerned.

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    The site has changed their messages to "Out of stock, available late 2012." Having been involved with 20+ books, I can tell you there are a lot of ways for projected arrival dates of books to get delayed. This is because there are several moving parts involving multiple suppliers, so if one is late, the whole thing gets thrown off course. "Recording the Beatles" is a pretty complex publishing package.

    As to the cyber silence, I would assume one of two things. They don't have any progress reports, so haven't taken the time to answer. Another possibility is they think it's going to be in "any day now" and figure it's not worth responding since you'll get the book soon. Yet another is that they're not getting a definitive answer on when the books will arrive.

    I realize it's bad customer service not to give SOME kind of response, but I have to admit that if I have too many emails to deal with and I can't answer someone's question, I just don't answer it but on "light" email days, I'll reply and say I don't have an answer. I don't know how many people are anxiously awaiting books, but they may be getting a lot of inquiries.

    I wouldn't worry yet; there's clearly been some kind of delay, and given the lack of specificity with "end of 2012," they probably don't have a firm date yet. If it gets strung out past the end of the year, I'll contact the author directly and see if he can find out what's going on.
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      Thanks, Craig, for taking the time to help alleviate my angst. I just wish they'd post a yes or no kind of thing re my emails. Cheers,