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Best Drum Loops for Garageband, Ipad?


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  • Best Drum Loops for Garageband, Ipad?

    Hi all, I just recently bought an iPad primarily for use with Garageband in making demos.  I'm using an Apogee JAM and it's great.


    But my post is about drums.


    I really like the drum loops that come with Garageband but I wanted more.  I downloaded some demo loops from the LoopLoft and they weren't working properly.  They wouldn't loop up if that makes sense.  Im sure I could edit them but it just seemed weird.  


    Does anyone recommend some good drum loops?

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    thousands of drum loops played by real drummers, wouldn't know where to start except you tell me what genre music


    this app is new:



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      there's a cool way to get tons of great drum loops for Garageband on a Mac, but i don't believe it will help you for the iPad version. 


      In case it will (and since it's a good tip anyway), here it is:


      If you download Mainstage, which is only $30, you get about $400 worth of loops (it includes all the JamPacks which added up to about that), and then they show up in Garageband. 

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        If you have a Mac you can process the audio loops with the Apple Loop Utiltiy (no longer available as a download), check your utilties folder it may be there.

        The Mac versions of GB and Logic Pro allows you to create Apple Loops and add them to your library.

        Check out Big Fish Audio.com they ahve a ton of Apple Loops.


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