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  • FT: SIB Vibromatic

    SIB Electronics from the series that brought you the Mr. Echo and Nik Nitro, Fazeadelic, etc. I don't believe they are made anymore.

    1 button for on/off, and the other switches between 2 speeds (which is fantastic to have - you can do one chorus-y and one quick and leslie-ish).

    Really fun pedal, very well-regarded.

    Looking for a trade such as:
    == a quality overdrive like a Catalinbread DLS (v.2); Lovepedal
    == a Barber Tone Press
    == Flashback Delay
    == Barber Super Sport
    == just about any Durham pedal
    == Ibanez Time Machine
    == Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Flanger
    == Mad Professor Sweet Honey

    voxac30guy at yahoo . com Thanks!

    Guitaricus Knobthosius

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    trade for a super sport? pm me!
    Sensational deals with: Gearmanndude, LameAim, DougDeeper, Jimosity, Jnichols2727, kreeper_6, paulco, Aaron SS (x3) Fetch, DonaldDemon, Eburst, OldGtrNovice, Crxsh, dyer_maker, ToonHollow (x2)

    Bad Deals/Scammers: Mewithoutlouie