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FS/FT: Jetter JetDrive v2, Lava Cable Kit


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  • FS/FT: Jetter JetDrive v2, Lava Cable Kit

    Got a couple things I'm not using.
    Prices include Priority Mail shipping and Paypal.

    Jetter JetDrive v2- $180.00 (NEW= $239.00)
    Brand new condition.
    Box, manual, etc. No velcro, no issues.
    This is the newest version.

    Lava Cable Solder-Free Mini ELC Cable Kit- $75.00 (NEW= $89.95 + shipping)
    Like new condition.
    Right angle ends.
    Super small, super strong.
    I have a few cables made, but everything is included-
    Ten right angle ends, close to 9' of cable and the cutter/stripper tool.

    Trade List (+/- cash where applicable)-
    TC Electronic Corona Chorus
    TC Eletronic Flashback Delay
    Xotic AC Booster
    Don't trust: Jbrazz, clementwave, madler or easyliver
    Don't Ship Guitars Media Mail

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    Im really interested in the jet drive. Let me know if you still have it so we can do this transaction