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OT: Some great college football games today!!


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  • OT: Some great college football games today!!

    i was busy during the day so i didn't get a chance to see too much, but tonight was great switching between LSU/'BAMA and OK St. vs KS State.

    i was kinda hoping OK St. would lose tonight since Stanford won today and that would really muck up the BCS standings after the 'Bama loss.

    now for tomorrow i just hope my Cowboys can win one and hopefully the hated, loathed, despised steelers lose!! i live here in Western PA in the middle of steelers country and hate it!!
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    I'm glad the OK State Cowboys won and kinda hoping they beat OU later on since OU has already lost and I really would like to OK State go all the way for once. The underdog/ aka Cinderella story thing I guess. Had to work today so I didn't catch any of it!
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